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These Tips Will Help You Catch More Fish On Your Next Trip To The Beach!

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Surf Fishing Tips

There are certain tricks of the trade that you should keep in mind the next time you throw your
line into the surf.

Always use fresh bait, the fresher the better.

Always use a sand spike, sand and reels do not mix!

Talk to the people at the local tackle shops. They know the ins and outs of the area you are visiting.

"Reading the beach" is a very important part of surf fishing. Fish hang out in certain areas. Click here and here to read some great free information about reading the beach.

Make sure the line on your reel is in good shape. If exposed to the sun and the weather for long periods of time, line will deteriorate.

Practice your casts. Tie on a weight with no hook and go to an open field to practice. Practice casting straight. This is the hardest part for people new to surf fishing.

Nrmally the best times of the day to surf fish are early morning and late evening. Fish tend to feed during these times. The middle of the day is usually a down time. After dark can also be good for certain species.

Fish tend to bite when storms are coming (pressure is dropping.) It causes them to feed.

Fish the tides. Some people prefer incoming and some prefer outgoing. The most important thing normally is that the tide is moving.

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